Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my app syncing properly with my TimeClock Connect account?
Sync Troubleshooting Guide

I'm confused about how the app works - where are the instructions?
App Instructions

How do I change or recover my password?
Go here:

Or you can go to and click where it says 'Click here for login assistance'

I want to to be able to view and edit the End Time of my time records. How do I do this?
Go to: More Options > Settings and change the Merge Mode to the middle option.

See the Instructions for more information about the Merge Mode setting.

Why can't I export the End Time and Date columns?
Go to: More Options > Settings and change the Merge Mode to the middle option. You will then have access to the End Time and Date columns for export.

Why can't I have access to the End Time and Date data while using the other merge modes?
When time records are merged, such as before and after a break, showing the End Time is misleading because there are other implicit "End Times" that are not be displayed (such as the beginning of each break).

If you need to see each start and end time, set the Merge Mode to the middle option and you will get a time record each time that you begin and end working.

Why do I see a dash in the End Time colunm when I export?
This means that you are viewing a time record that has been merged. See the previous question for an explanation of why it doesn't make sense to show an End Time in this case.

What does it mean when a time record has been "merged"?
Think of a time record as representing an uninterrupted time period that you spend working.

If you work for 8 hours and take a 1 hour break in the middle of the day, this generates two time records.

In earlier iterations, TimeClock would always show you two time records for this day's work. However, many people didn't like this because they wanted to see only one time record per day. Therefore, we introduced the automatic merging which will consolidate two time records into a single record. This is now the default mode.

However if you need to know the exact times that you start and stop working throughout the day, you can select the middle Merge Mode option. In this mode, time records are never merged.

I just got a new phone (or reset my phone) - how do I restore my data and re-sync with my TimeClock Connect account?
  1. Install TimeClock on your new device

  2. Tap the Login button located above the Green Start button

  3. Enter your login information

How do I delete a client or a project from TimeClock Connect?
You can't delete a client or project but you can set it to Inactive. Once it's been set to Inactive, you won't see it at all (unless you set the filter to show Inactive items).

Why won't you let me delete a client or project?
Many other data entities such as time records and invoices reference clients and projects. So deleting a client would cause any associated time records and invoices to be corrupted. Keeping all clients and projects ensures database integrity.

If I delete a time record from my device, will it be deleted from my TimeClock Connect account?
If you delete an individual time record by pressing the red button on the details page, the time record will also be deleted from your TimeClock Connect account.

However if you use the "Clear" button from the Manage Data page, those time records will not be removed from the TimeClock Connect account.

This allows you to clear excess data from your phone while using TimeClock Connect as an archive.

How do I delete time records from my TimeClock Connect account if I've already cleared them from my mobile device?
You may archive time records by checking the checkbox on the row(s) you wish to archive and pressing the "Archive Checked Rows" button at the bottom of the page.

Archived time records will not appear in your list by default and they are not eligible for inclusion in new invoices.

I inadvertently started the timer - how can I discard the time that has elapsed?
Hold down the Stop button (long press) and you'll be prompted to discard the time.

I need to know the exact times (start AND stop) that I'm working - including breaks. How can I see this data?
Go to More Options > Settings and set the Merge Mode to the middle option.

I switch between clients often, but I only want the billing increment to be applied once - not each time I switch.
Go to More Options > Settings and set the Merge Mode to the last option. This will consolidate the time records into one per client per day.

How to I export to Dropbox or Google Drive? (Android only)
Just install either the Dropbox or Google Drive app on your Android device. Once you've done this, you'll see the option to target either one during the TimeClock export process.

How can I see my archived time records? Can I un-archive them if I archived them by mistake?
To see your archived time records, go to the Time Records tab and press the "Set Filters" button. Then check the "Show only Archived Records" box and click on the Filter button.

When archived records are displayed, there will be an "Unarchive Checked Rows" button that you can use to unarchive records.

How do I upload my data to TimeClock Connect?
As long as you are logged in to TimeClock Connect, syncing will occur automatically. If there is no network connectivity, the sync will occur when a connection can be established.

Can I change the email associated with my account?
Yes - login to and click on the Account link in the upper right. You'll see a field for changing the email.

How do I cancel my recurring PayPal payments for the invoice system?
Login to, click on the Account link (upper right) then click on the Unsubscribe button (bottom right).

How to I mark an invoice as Paid?
- Click on the invoice from the invoice list,

- If the Invoice Status is Draft, then click on the 'Set Status to Sent' button.

- Click on the 'Enter Payment' button.

- Note that the Payment Amount is automatically set to the Amount Due by default. Click 'Submit' to accept this amount.

- The Invoice Status will now be set to Paid.

Why does the website go down every day at appx 2300 PST?
This is when the daily database backup occurs. The site is actually up, but since the database is frozen during this operation it is unusable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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