Frequently Asked Questions

When I tried to sync, I got the message: You are trying to sync too many records
That message means that you are trying to sync more than 1000 time records from your app - which bogs down the server and can take it offline. Each time you sync, only the changes are transferred, so in normal usage this doesn't happen.

You can fix this by clearing older time records from your app to get it below the 1000 level.

My app shows Synced but I don't see my data on TimeClock Connect.
If you see the green Synced displayed above the Start button, then your data has been transferred to your TimeClock Connect account and verified.

First make sure that you're looking at the correct account. From the app go to: More Options > TimeClock Connect > Account Info and verify that you're logged in using the same email.

If you're using the correct account, then it may be that the data is being inadvertantly filtered.

From the website, click on the Clear Filters button. If you still don't see the data, it may be that it's archived. To view archived data, click on the Set Filters button then select the 'Show only archived records' option.

After syncing a new device to my account, I only get the last 90 days of data. How do I get older data onto the device?
  1. Login to your TimeClockConnect account

  2. Click on the Account link

  3. Edit the value in the "Days back to sync with device" field

  4. Resync your device