TimeClock Connect Pricing FAQ

TimeClock Connect used to be free - Why are you now charging for it?
The number of people using the TimeClock Connect service has greatly increased over the years and our costs have esclated beyond what is financially viable - thus additional revenue is needed.

How much does it cost?
After the free period is over, the cost is $10 per year for US customers. In other countries, it is the equivilant of 10 USD per year in your local currency.

What if I don't want to pay? Can I still access my data that is aleady on your website?
Yes. If you don't pay, you can still login to timeclockconnect.com and view and export all of your existing data. You just won't be able to sync any new data or add new data from the web interface.

If I don't pay will my app still work?
Yes, the app will work fine - it just won't sync to your account.

If I'm already paying for the invoice service, do I still need to pay for this as well?
No, if you pay for the invoicing, you will have full TimeClock Connect access.